I'm Simon Hallam

I can build and program just about anything.

With 28 Years of Experience Developing:

  • Software: Videogames, Firmware, Entertainment, Education, Virtual Reality, Apps, Websites
  • Hardware: Robotics, Art, Toys, Microcontroller, Digital/Analogue Circuits
  • Services: Database, API Design/Implementation, Analytics, Optimization, Network Infrastructure


  • Programming, from optimized low level assembly to high level dynamic languages
  • User interface design, websites, control panels, videogames
  • Electronic circuit design, analogue, digital, microcontroller, PCB development
  • Industrial design, I can create inspiring product designs in 2D or 3D
  • Fabrication and craftsmanship, plastics, metals, wood
  • Invention, do you want to create something amazing? Call and let’s talk

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